Are you looking for an opportunity to deposit your funds ethically?

You can with Boom – your local, not for profit Credit Union! And what’s more, it is absolutely free!

Why let Boom look after your money?

  • We offer free banking with absolutely no charges

  • We are local

  • We provide financial inclusion

  • Your deposits are 100% safe fully protectedunder the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

  • You can save up to £60,000

  • Immediate access to funds

  • Easy application process

With your Funds,Boom can;

  • Help financially excluded people by providing a cheaper loan and afairer option to other high interest lenders

  • Help everyone to save – even borrowers

  • Help to improve credit scores

  • Provide people with an ethical bank account

Opening a community account with Boom helps those who arefinancially excluded from premium high street products and whose onlyalternative is unscrupulous loan sharks and doorstop lenders. Help local people in Woking and Surrey getaccess to fair and affordable loans, savings and bank accounts

Don’t take our word for it though, Sheerwater Community Fundsay, “we have an account with Boom, and it makes us feel good to know that weare helping other people in our local communities. What’s more Boom are local and ethical too.”

In addition, we are supported by Woking Borough Council, theIllegal Money Lending Team and Kwasi Kwarteng, PPS to the Chancellor.

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