Would you be interested in volunteering to teach young people trade and building skills?

Volunteer It Yourself (VIY) is a volunteering programme which combines volunteering and DIY by supporting young people aged 14-24 to learn trade and building skills by fixing community buildings in need of repairs. Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council are launching a VIY project at Woking Youth Arts Centre in late November. Over the course of approximately eight weeks, 30 - 40 young people will be working alongside local tradespeople to renovate the building including redecorating, renovating the toilets and redesigning the reception area. The project is being delivered in partnership with the Wickes store in Woking who are generously donating all the materials for the project.

VIY is a great opportunity for young people to build confidence and self-esteem whilst also developing new skills and all young people who complete the project will gain a vocational accreditation from City and Guilds. We are looking for local tradespeople who might be willing to share their knowledge of building work by volunteering as mentors for the young people. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor then please contact Ed Sellwood at Volunteer It Yourself (ed@teamcospa.com) for further information.

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