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Volunteer in Woking provides a range of services to the voluntary organisations and community groups in the Woking area, including:

• Information, advice and training

• Information and support on funding & group development.

• Promoting voluntary work in the community and actively recruiting and placing volunteers in organisations of their choice.

• Acting as an 'umbrella' for all voluntary/charitable activities.

• New initiatives & organisations in the response to local needs.

• Providing representative and advice to voluntary bodies in order that they may work together in the best interests of their service users

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Universal Credit - Getting a Bank Account

If you’re thinking of opening a bank account, have you considered your local Credit Union? Boom is a credit union for people who live or work in Surrey, Kingston or West Sussex, which gives local people access to affordable loans, bank accounts and prepaid cards.

A basic classic engage current account with Boom costs £2 per month and comes with a handy budgeting tool. You can also earn cash back rewards and Boom will set up a savings account alongside your current account. There are no credit checks and simple ID requirements.

The account is ideal for anyone who may need to claim Universal Credit [read more about this on page 4]. For more information visit www.boomcu.com/Engage-Classic or call Catherine 01483 9917958 Monday to Thursday or leave a message.

Are you affected by the Sheerwater regeneration - Do you need emotional support

Please read the information below.

LinkAble - Looking for a Business Administration Apprentice

Please see advert below.

Volunteers needed for New Art Group in Woking

Please see information below.

The Friday Night Project

Why not try The Friday Night Project for details see below.



By Mary Branson

Harvest is a site-specific intervention on farmland beneath Box Hill during September 2018. In developing this project, Mary Branson explored the relationship of the local farming community to the land, the processes and rituals of harvest time and the impact of the changing climate on their work. Harvest is an illuminated artwork highlighting some of the unseen work that goes into shaping the landscape that is often taken for granted.

Our changing climate has had a particularly damaging result on farming this year with the drought causing a much reduced crop of hay at Box Hill Farm. Mary Branson’s installation features sixty six ‘invisible’ bales – illuminated outlines, the dimensions of hay bales, arranged in the same formation used in farming across the lower field.

‘It’s a rare privilege to be able to create an art work for such a beautiful location as Lower Box Hill Farm. Observing the fields harvest cycle has been a real eye opener, seeing the delicate balance faced each season with the increasingly extreme weather conditions. This is the story that has shaped my installation’.

– Mary Branson, 2018.

What's on at The Vyne

Everyone is welcome. For further information contact

Phone: 01483 743558

Email: thevyne@woking.gov.uk

Adress: Broadway, Knaphill, Woking GU21 2SP

Charity Event - Health and Wellbeing

Please see information below.

Thank you

LinkAble - Duke of Edinburgh Award

Please see information below.

It is with great excitement that the team at York Road Project wish to invite you to attend our annual sponsored Sleep Out event!

It is with great excitement that the team at York Road Project wish to invite you to attend our annual sponsored Sleep Out event!

This years event takes place on Saturday the 29th September with all proceeds going towards supporting those struggling with homelessness in Woking.

We are also very proud to announce that as this year’s Mayors Charity we will have the pleasure of Mayor Will Forster attending as well.

This year we are hosting the event again but with a twist, we are inviting young adults of age 13 and above to join us as well.

The aim is to really bring to life the experiences of homelessness in Woking and using that knowledge to help more people affected.

So this is where you our colleagues, supporters and friends can get involved…

Firstly we would love some of you to join us on the night, help us raise both awareness and sponsorship, if you are interested then attached is the registration form and instructions.

Please do send it back to me when you are done.

If you sadly can’t make it then please don’t worry as you can still support this fantastic cause by sponsoring a member of the team to take part!

The staff team will be taking part as well, with all our hours worked for the event being given up free as part of our donation to the charity, yes we as a staff team believe and support YRP that much!

Finally please can I ask that you share the info with any of your friends and colleagues to help us get the word out as much as possible.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Cherisse Dealtry and we will do our best to help you.

As always thank you all on behalf of all our clients as without you the work that we do just would not be possible!